Counselling in Bristol offered to adults and students. 'Get in the chair with Jer!'
Counselling in Bristol offeredto adults and students.'Get in the chair with Jer!'

Why counselling is like gardening!

Jeremy Stephens offers his unique insight into the counselling process

To me, counselling has a very organic approach, much like gardening, and in case you're thinking 'but I hate gardening! I'm not going to that weirdo!' don't worry it is just how I view the counselling process.


For example, if you plant a seed in the ground, then come back and look at it every hour, you will not see much growth, in fact you might actually feel pretty unimpressed, or even a bit angry at its lack of progress! 


But if you plant the seed then get on with your life, with its myriad of distractions, but at a later date then find yourself in the garden, and might suddenly notice some unexpected growth...That things have changed.


"Moments of movement - when it appears that change actually occurs"

(Carl Rogers, On becoming a person, 1961)


'Woah look at that! Where did that come from? Well I'll be...I thought that plant would never sprout!...Look at that flourishing in spite of being resilient!'


This is how I view counselling, as steady consistant change, achieved through steady consistant work on a regular weekly basis.  My role as your counsellor is to create the right environment for you to grow and change in, just as a gardener creates the right growing environment in the garden.  This is what I strive to help create, this self-realisation, the  "fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality"


"The personal resources used by a counsellor help define their own unique style as a helper"

(John McLeod, 2011, Counselling Skills)


Jeremy Stephens, offers his unique and organic view of Person Centred Counselling

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If you have any queries or wish to book an initial consultation, please contact me on the below details. Email is best initially, as you can give me a paragraph overview of what is troubling you, then we can take if rom there.


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£25 FOR A FULL HOUR OF MY COUNSELLING GOODNESS! (this includes the initial introductory session

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