Counselling in Bristol offered to adults and students. 'Get in the chair with Jer!'
Counselling in Bristol offeredto adults and students.'Get in the chair with Jer!'

About Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens offers some insights into why he became a counsellor

After twenty years working in advertising and publishing I found myself yearning for a more rewarding, more nurturing career, so as I got into my forties I decided to retrain as a person centred counsellor.  I notice that after doing some phone related jobs for a couple of years, that I had never had to terminate a caller in two years of working. I understand now, that I was using some basic counselling skills without realising it!  it was this that set me on the path to learn more. First on an introduction to counselling course, swiftly followed by a level two course in counselling skills, which in turn lead on to a foundation degree at the City of Bristol College


Below are two testimonials clients who were kind enough to give me some feedback after our work together had come to a natural end. I hope they give you an insight as to how I work:



"Jer has really helped me to understand a lot of the issues I was having and he helped to navigate a series of challenging events and situations that happened to me. He provided a supportive environment, listened with great empathy and helped to draw out the answers to my problems patiently. I'm in a much better place now than I was when I first started seeing him."
R, Bristol, Sessions over 2020 - 2021


"Counselling with Jer has been enormously beneficial to my mental well being and has reoriented me to a significantly healthier path. Together we unpacked and worked through a multitude of emotional areas: from childhood, work, identity and grief. Having now ended the sessions, I feel a massive growth in self esteem and confidence, from when I first began."

W, Bristol, Sessions over 2019 - 2021


I didn’t really know what I wanted from counselling but jer was able to bring both focus and clarity. He made it clear from the start that he didn’t have the answers but that they lay somewhere within me but what he did was provide me with stepping stones. We talked of ‘energy vampires’ and ‘feng shui-ing’ my mind and the sessions were philosophical and thought provoking but also led to positive action. I felt that in unburdening myself in the sessions I was able to befriend my friends as I had the space to do so. I enjoyed Jer’s plain speaking, his humour and his generosity of spirit. I would absolutely recommend anyone sitting in the chair...with Jer!

D, Bristol, 6 sessions, 2020


Jer’s approach felt like I had an anchor point to enable me to stop, reflect and make the changes I needed to move forward positively with my life. In the 8 sessions that we worked together, Jer gently met me where I was and guided me to realise I had everything I needed within me. It was important to be able to have honest and confidential conversations, which would then ruminate in the 'ether' over the week, before evolving to realisations and then progressive actions.

J, Bristol, 8 sessions, 2019


When I first heard about 'getting in the chair with Jer', I was extremely sceptical because I never really enjoyed talking about my feelings and my life, and this was only enhanced at the thought of talking to a complete stranger about these things. After a couple of sessions, it almost felt as if I was going to see a friend and was able to talk about anything: good or bad. I didn't feel forced to only talk about the bad aspects, which was one of my worries when considering counselling. It was completely natural and easy to talk to Jer, and I ALWAYS walked out of the sessions feeling much happier and much more relieved and often had a positive mindset for the future. I'm delighted to say I am in a much happier state of mind than I was at the beginning of these sessions, and I am hopeful for the future. 

J, Bristol, 10 sessions, 2019


You're kind, you're empathetic, you're helpful, patient, understanding and encouraging. Talking and working with you was relaxing, positive and insightful. You gave me a safe space to talk openly and honestly and gave me a sense of validation as a person and with my suffering, my reality and my experiences.Would totally recommend your services to anyone in need of support.
J, Bristol, 6 sessions, 2019



"I had been struggling for so many years, and I knew I had to do something. Then I received a leaflet through my door, ‘Get in the chair with Jer’ which instantly made me smile, so I arranged our first session. I felt at ease straightaway with Jer. I cried a lot and laughed a lot but after several months, our sessions gave me the strength to move forward with decisions I had put off for years. Thank you Jer!" 

N, Bristol, 10 sessions, 2018/2019


You started seeing my daughter last year, and after the 4th session I started to see an improvement in her. It was good for her to talk to an unbiased person who would not get upset about how bad she felt as it made me feel so helpless.  I have noticed her outlook on life is more positive and her darker moments less frequent.  She is like a different person to a year ago, happy and outgoing and like she used to be when she was younger and so bubbly and carefree. I am so pleased with the work you have done with her and cannot recommend your services enough. Thank you for everything.

Mum of PJ, a 17 year old student 2018/2019


I saw Jeremy for a little over a year and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. When we began our conversations I was in a difficult place and struggling to manage my stress at work as well as lingering issues from a bereavement I’d experienced years before. Jeremy helped me face up to my problems and create an awareness about negative habits I didn’t really realise I had as well as identify new, positive strategies for tackling them in the future. Jeremy is flexible, approachable and without any of the pretention I found in other counsellors. I highly recommend him and the process: it didn’t take long for me to see big changes, and by the end of the year - when we went through my first session’s notes together, I no longer recognised myself as the person I’d been. 

H, Bristol, 22 sessions, 2018 - 2019


"Jer provided security and the support to help me reconcile a difficult issue in my life: one that I had never discussed with anyone. I really liked that the sessions were held in a domestic environment, which helped me feel more comfortable. Spending the past few months of talking things through together has given me more understanding and awareness of my own self, restoring my past with the present. Now I feel I can move forward with a renewed positivity."

A, Bristol, 15 sessions, 2018 - 2019


"Jer helped me get through a very challenging time in my life. A time where I was uncertain, confused and lost, and didn't really know how I was going to get out of it. Through meeting with Jer I was able to gradually get the answers I needed and this was achieved through Jer's ability to understand what I was going through as well as his excellent listening skills. My specific situation was related to relationships, and Jer's approach allowed me to reflect on everything that I have in my life, and to develop a gratitude and confidence in my lifestyle, which consequently lifted me out of what almost became a crisis. Following several sessions with Jer I can now say that approaching him for counselling was not only the right thing to do, but also absolutely essential. I think it goes without saying that I can highly recommend Jer and I will not hesitate to give him a call if I need counselling in the future!"

S, Bristol, 8 sessions, 2018


"I suffered from depression and anxiety. Throughout the sessions I had with Jeremy I started to see what was triggering my anxiety crisis. Jeremy helped me see things from a different perspective, and that helps to realise things that are quite eye opening. Jeremy approach was gentle and comprehensive. During the sessions I felt secure and not judged. Now I am in a better place thanks to Jeremy’s help."

B, Bristol, 12 sessions,  2017 - 2018


"Jer provided a safe space for me to talk about my relationship with my partner of 10 years. I was at a cross-roads as about whether to end it, and needed non-judgemental insights to help me assess the situation from a healthy, balanced viewpoint. Jer facilitated me to come to these realisations and I am very grateful to him for his steady, unbiased support."

L, Bristol, 9 sessions,  2017 - 2018


"Jeremy greatly helped me respect myself again by addressing my underlying issues related to bereavement and self-confidence.  His informal, non-judgmental approach helped me feel at ease to express my thoughts, confront the feelings holding me back in life and embrace my motivations.  I now feel more resilient to deal with life’s ups and downs, trust my instincts, and feel comfortable with myself and those around me.  I’d happily recommend Jeremy to anyone in a similar situation."

A, Bristol, 8 sessions,  2017


"I came to Jeremy with anxiety, depression and a lack of self confidence. I cannot say that he waved a wand and magically removed my issues. What he did give me was the strength and understanding to tackle my issues from new perspectives. I feel like the old me has made a comeback, and this is reflected in my work, home and social life.  Thank you Jeremy."

K, Bristol, 10 sessions, 2016


If you like what you have read here, then take action today and 'Get in the chair with Jer!"

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